The Maestro Héctor J. Mele (Director and Instrumentator of the Tango orchestra of Avellaneda, from May the 17th of 1986) decided to form a band that represent the music of Buenos Aires, in such a way that without losing his origin it represent the taste of all the public. He took subjects from any time, enriching its harmonization in a way where they could satisfied no only the public who loves to dance but also the public that arrives at the concert to listen. On this way, also the musician that integrates the orchestra, feels identified with that feeling of belonging.

The style of “Románticos Milongueros” it’s, as its name indicates, per moments with singles of each one of the musicians who show all their knowledge of this musical genre, and per moments in tuttis that get to emphasize the different times that the tango had and has.

The aim is to listen to what the great teachers of the tango (Julio De Caro, Pedro Laurenz, Anibal Troilo, Alfredo Gobbi and many) left us. The greatest musical creations of all of this Maestros of the tango will be played by the new band. But instead of imitating them, the band will enriching the songs with the armonizations that Maestro Mele made for them. He has an ample knowledge on this subject, because since he was a child he studied and lived to obtain what today he offers to his public, who when the concerts ends, still wants to listen to other subjects from him.

His experience as director and instrumentalist begun a long time ago, when an orchestra was formed for the “Festival Canaro 100 años”, that took place in Japan in 1988. This orchestra played in different cities of this country that loves and respects tango. In 1989 he returned to Japan, but this time integrating the Argentine Quinteto of Arcs, at the same time that he was offering concerts as single bandondeon player, playing tango and some pieces of Johan S. Bach and other composers of classical music. This originated that several Japanese musicians asked him for his advising and Melle not only offer it, but also left them some of his adjustments.



Director and orchestrator: Héctor J. Mele
Emilio Pagano
Marcelo Prieto
Raúl Salvetti
Agustín Pirolo
Diego Aubía
Esteban Calderon
Alicia Vignola
Eduardo Fraiz

Recorded repertoire

Palomita Blanca El Choclo Malevaje
Cambalache Bandera Verde Como Dos Extraños
Malena Organito de la Tarde Viejo Barracas al Sud
Quejas de Bandoneón Taconeando Canaro en París
Melancólico Cenizas La Bordona
Selección de Carlos Gardel Caminito Nocturna
Quejas de Bandoneón No hay Tierra como la Mía Ansiedad
El Entrerriano El Corazón al Sur Malón de Ausencia
Uno Naranjo en Flor Gallo Ciego
Milonga del 900 Adiós Nonino Chique
Toda Mi Vida Racing Club El Motivo
Mi Buenos Aires Querido Tritango La Cumparsita
Un Placer Danzarín Balada para un Loco
El Pollo Ricardo Jueves Ave de Paso
Desencuentro La Tablada Re-Fa-Si
Pedacito de Cielo    


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